Sunday, August 14, 2005

Pelican have an album availiable with the catchy title "The Fire In Our Throats Will Becon The Thaw". It's quite extraordinary really, 58 minutes of guitar-laden sonic magic. If you like Rothko, Mogwai, Billy Mahonie'll love this.
Pelican - Sirius

If you liked that, try this!

Dirge Organ - Storm Of Elders

Oxford Collapse - Back In Com Again
Oxford Collapse - The Money You Have Is Maybe Too Little
Black Medicine - Dominoes
Black Medicine - Daydream

High time we had some swedish indie-pop I think.
Happy Go Lucky sound exactly like their name would suggest. Catchy pop tunes, electronic beats and nice soft vocals. What more could you possibly ask for.

Happy Go Lucky - Hope I'll Never See You Again
Happy Go Lucky - Storee
Happy Go Lucky - Whatever Made You Think

Here's a few tracks from the latest Autumndivers album. I quite enjoyed this I must admit although I'm not sure why. It's one of those records that you know you should find boring but you keep on listning anyway.
Oh well, at least I know what I'm on about. Make up your own mind.

Autumndivers - Turnaround
Autumndivers - Inasmuch

Popstar Assassins - Transcontinental
Popstar Assassins - Goodbye
Pet Politics - In My Head
Pet Politics - The Cold Wind Blows
The Dastards - This Time
The Dastards - Trouble

Here's a re-post just for you JBSolo!

1. I'm Hardly Ever Wrong
2. Great Expectations
3. I Want To Say What Goes Without Saying
4. There Is There Are Thats All

Also if you didn't know the Would Be's Peel session can be downloaded from HERE


  1. Hey, big thx for making the Would-Be's available! I had that record once but couldn't find it for ages. "I Want To Say" and "I'm Hardly Ever Wrong" are personal all-time favourites, so it's great to have them on me iPod at last!

  2. PSA fan9:28 pm

    There is at least one more Popstar Assassins track available at at here.
    There is a new album out now, apparently.