Thursday, August 04, 2005

I've just got back from a couple of days down in London. It's one of those strange things that we always seem to come back with about three times as much stuff as we went with. Anyway a good time was had by all and I have several bags full of records to wade through over the next few days.
By the way if you're ever in the Camden area of London and your feeling hungry I can highly recommend a restaurant called "Foggs" which is on Chalk Farm Road and is bloody good.

Rob Da Bank has been playing tracks from the new Fall album on his Thursdat night Radio One program. He says it's on Narnack Records and is out on 4th October but I think this must just be for the American release as it's coming out on Slogan in the UK, also that date is a tuesday. More details as soon as I can find some.

On with the music then.

Pelican - Sirius
Citizens Here & Abroad - Appearances
Citizens Here & Abroad - Enter The Elevator
Cyanotype - Iodine
Cyanotype - Versus The World
Cyanotype - Small Town Syndrome
Cyanotype - Event Horizon
Ipanema - Baseballbat [New band which features Wiz & Gerry from Mega City Four]
Ipanema - Skull
Ipanema - Flagburner
Ipanema - White Cat In A Snowstorm
Galactic Heroes - Coffee & Pastries
Galactic Heroes - Save It For A Rainy Day
Galactic Heroes - Cherokee
Galactic Heroes - Wonderful
Charlie Bubbles - The President's Brain (Is Missing)
DJ4Beat - The Great Escape [Happy Hardcore with..yes ...that tune!]

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