Saturday, August 27, 2005

Well it's bank holiday weekend and the races are on here in York so going out is one thing I will not be doing. In fact I think I'll take this opportunity to catch up on the stack of tunes in my inbox some of which have been sat there for weeks. Yeah I know I've been a bit lazy of late but I promise to try harder ok?

First up then is a band from Blackburn called Broken Robots and I particularly like the tremelo guitar in these tracks. Very nice and quite reminicent of My Bloody Valentine at times.
They have a Myspace site HERE

Broken Robots - Autopilot
Broken Robots - Kiss Me When
Broken Robots - Don't Tell Me
Broken Robots - Each Timely Look Away

The Hissyfits will be in the UK next month for some shows and I recommend you catch them if you can.

Sept. 16th Club Fandango, Dublin Castle, Camden with The Killers Sept. 17th Sugarmills, Stoke-on-Trent with local bands Sept. 18th The Soundhouse, Colchester with local bands Sept. 19th Queens of Noize, The Barfly, Camden with Electrocute Sept. 21st The Alex, Southend-on-Sea with Opium Pillowcase Sept. 23rd The Cavern, Exeter with Reuben Sept. 25th "One to Watch,"The Barfly, Camden with The AM Sept. 27th Rough Trade show, The Notting Hill Arts Centre with Trash Money

The Hissyfits - Something Wrong you know there's few things in this world more tedious than typing out tour dates, but when The Fall announce a tour it's just got to be done.
The Fall will be touring the UK in October to promote the release of their lastest album "Heads Roll" which will be in the shops in the first week of October.
The album is to be preceded by a single "I Can Hear The Grass Grow/Clasp Hands" on 19th September through Sanctuary Records.

30 Sep - GDMW Festival, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
1 Oct - Manchester Academy 2, Manchester University Students Union
4 Oct - Central Station, Wrexham
5 Oct - The Mill, Preston
6 Oct - Boardwalk, Sheffield
7 Oct - Boardwalk, Sheffield
8 Oct - Carling Academy, Liverpool
9 Oct - The Dome, Morecambe
10 Oct - Sugarmill, Stoke-on-Trent
13 Oct - Fat Sam's, Dundee
16 Oct - Renfrew Ferry, Glasgow
17 Oct - The Venue, Edinburgh
19 Oct - The Sage, Gateshead
20 Oct - Irish Centre, Leeds
21 Oct - Roadmender, Northampton
23 Oct - Zodiac, Oxford
24 Oct - Rescue Rooms, Nottingham
25 Oct - Princess Charlotte, Leicester
26 Oct - Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton
27 Oct - Coal Exchange, Cardiff
28 Oct - Patti Pavillion, Swansea
30 Oct - Concorde, Brighton
31 Oct - Academy, Bristol
2 Nov - Islington Academy, London
3 Nov - Islington Academy, London

I know absolutly nothing about The Piskie Sits apart from the fact that they come from Wakefield in West Yorkshire and their bloody good.

The Piskie Sits - Props

I mean come on, how good is that.


Camera Obscura - Books Written for Girls (Synonym Remix)
The Like Young - Tighten My Tie
The Like Young - Really Up To You
The Math & Physics Club - Movie Ending Romance
The Minni Thins - Let Me Be Your Liquor Man
The Minor Leagues - Don't Shoot Your Gun
The Dastards - This Time
The Dastards - Trouble

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Pelican have an album availiable with the catchy title "The Fire In Our Throats Will Becon The Thaw". It's quite extraordinary really, 58 minutes of guitar-laden sonic magic. If you like Rothko, Mogwai, Billy Mahonie'll love this.
Pelican - Sirius

If you liked that, try this!

Dirge Organ - Storm Of Elders

Oxford Collapse - Back In Com Again
Oxford Collapse - The Money You Have Is Maybe Too Little
Black Medicine - Dominoes
Black Medicine - Daydream

High time we had some swedish indie-pop I think.
Happy Go Lucky sound exactly like their name would suggest. Catchy pop tunes, electronic beats and nice soft vocals. What more could you possibly ask for.

Happy Go Lucky - Hope I'll Never See You Again
Happy Go Lucky - Storee
Happy Go Lucky - Whatever Made You Think

Here's a few tracks from the latest Autumndivers album. I quite enjoyed this I must admit although I'm not sure why. It's one of those records that you know you should find boring but you keep on listning anyway.
Oh well, at least I know what I'm on about. Make up your own mind.

Autumndivers - Turnaround
Autumndivers - Inasmuch

Popstar Assassins - Transcontinental
Popstar Assassins - Goodbye
Pet Politics - In My Head
Pet Politics - The Cold Wind Blows
The Dastards - This Time
The Dastards - Trouble

Here's a re-post just for you JBSolo!

1. I'm Hardly Ever Wrong
2. Great Expectations
3. I Want To Say What Goes Without Saying
4. There Is There Are Thats All

Also if you didn't know the Would Be's Peel session can be downloaded from HERE

Friday, August 05, 2005

Talulah Gosh - Janice Long Session 7th August 1986

This is the first session Talulah Gosh recorded for the BBC.
If you go over to The Perfumed Garden you will find more info plus the second session which was broadcast in November 1988 on the John Peel program.

Amelia Fletcher - Guitar/Vocals
Peter Momtchiloff - Guitar
Chris Scott - Bass
Matthew Fletcher - Drums
Gregory - Guitar
Liz Pebbles - Vocals/Violin

Talulah Gosh - Janice Long Session 07/08/1986. zip

1. Looking For A Rainbow
2. Do You Remember
3. Talulah Gosh
4. Sunny Inside

Thursday, August 04, 2005

I've just got back from a couple of days down in London. It's one of those strange things that we always seem to come back with about three times as much stuff as we went with. Anyway a good time was had by all and I have several bags full of records to wade through over the next few days.
By the way if you're ever in the Camden area of London and your feeling hungry I can highly recommend a restaurant called "Foggs" which is on Chalk Farm Road and is bloody good.

Rob Da Bank has been playing tracks from the new Fall album on his Thursdat night Radio One program. He says it's on Narnack Records and is out on 4th October but I think this must just be for the American release as it's coming out on Slogan in the UK, also that date is a tuesday. More details as soon as I can find some.

On with the music then.

Pelican - Sirius
Citizens Here & Abroad - Appearances
Citizens Here & Abroad - Enter The Elevator
Cyanotype - Iodine
Cyanotype - Versus The World
Cyanotype - Small Town Syndrome
Cyanotype - Event Horizon
Ipanema - Baseballbat [New band which features Wiz & Gerry from Mega City Four]
Ipanema - Skull
Ipanema - Flagburner
Ipanema - White Cat In A Snowstorm
Galactic Heroes - Coffee & Pastries
Galactic Heroes - Save It For A Rainy Day
Galactic Heroes - Cherokee
Galactic Heroes - Wonderful
Charlie Bubbles - The President's Brain (Is Missing)
DJ4Beat - The Great Escape [Happy Hardcore with..yes ...that tune!]