Saturday, July 23, 2005

What a week it's been. You know the ones, if it's not one thing it's another. First Nikky breaks the freezer and then one of my hard drives decides it's not going to work anymore, and that was just Monday.
Anyway it's the weekend now so time to relax with some good music and watch the cricket.

This is a track from the second Marbles album "Expo" on Spin Art records. Very catchy

Marbles - Out Of Zone

The Kingdom Flying Club are a band I heard for the first time this week and I think their quite brilliant. Definately the kind of thing to cheer you up after someones broken your freezer and your ice cream's melted.

The Kingdom Flying Club - Artists Are Boring
The Kingdom Flying Club - Cut The Negatives

....and now for something Swedish.

Happydeadmen - Useless
Happydeadmen - The First Picture Of You
Happydeadmen - Tomorrow

There's loads more mp3's avaliable on their site HERE

Gethimeathim release their debut album entitled "Geography Cones" through Absolutely Kosher records on 26th July.

Gethimeathim - Mumble Mumble (from Geography Cones)
Gethimeathim - Not Not Nervous (from the Casual Sex demo)

According to the Alive Records website Boyskout sound like a less accessable Elastica. Obviously not something to make you want to go out and buy their records then.
Give them a chance though because their actually bloody good.

Boyskout - Secrets
Boyskout - Jesse James

Is that a knock I hear on the door.....must be the man with my new freezer.

The Eames Era - Could Be Anything
Mercuro Chrome - Hurts My Eyes
DJ Trauma - Feel For You
Wildeness - Arkless

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