Sunday, July 10, 2005

Lon Sellitto stole my walkman

Last Thursday night I ventured into the Stone Roses Bar in York to sample some local talent.
The night was headlined by the usually outstanding Dust Bowl Central who have been featured in these pages before. On this occasion however they seemed to lack their usual cohesivity but I think it was probably because of soundboard problems or maybe just one of those nights. The real star of the show however was an electronic vandal who goes under the name of "Fish". He played his enthralling set with the help from members of "Futureretro" (who played later and were rather "on the ball" as well).
It's good when you hear someone playing electronic music with passion and originality and clearly enjoy's themselves which surely is what it's all about.

Fish - Beat The Gel
Fish - Tenchi

It's a bit of an electronic overload this time I'm afraid, but there's just so much of it about.
These tracks come from releases on the Highpoint Lowlife label. Go and give them a visit.

Rashamon - (Forgotten) Sherpa Folk Song
The Marcia Blaine School For Girls - Dance Of The Melon Man
The Marcia Blaine School For Girls - Minimal Chic

I have a bit of info regarding the new Fall album as well. Apparantly It's called "Heads Roll" and will be issued towards the end of August through Sanctuary Records offshoot label Slogan. I'm not sure if this applies to the U.S. as well but certainly for Europe. More details to come.

STILL no news on the new half man half biscuit record however, but to tide you over here's the live tracks (recorded at Sheffield Leadmill) which appeared on their 1988 lp "ACD".

Half Man Half Biscuit - ACD Live Tracks. zip

1. Albert Hammond Bootleg
2. Reflections In A Flat
3. Sealclubbing
4. Architecture And Morality, Ted And Alice
5. Fuckin' Ell, It's Fred Titmus
6. Time Flies By (When Your The Driver Of A Train)
7. All I Want For Christmas Is A Dulka Prague Away Kit
8. The Trumpton Riots

Additionally several Peel And Kershaw sessions can be found HERE

...and finally, Vinny's tune of the week:-

The B Plan - Witness Protection

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