Thursday, July 14, 2005

It's just occured to me that the tracklisting for the Half Man Half Biscuit stuff on the last update is probably slightly wrong, sorry about that.

Chicago's Coltrain Motion released their new EP "No Well Ok Maybe Just A Little" through Datawaslost back in May and very nice it is too. Here's a track from it.

Coltrain Motion - Pi Is Exactly Three

I can't remember if I've featured The Spoilers before, but they're well worth a listen. Apparantly they've finished their debut album so I'll look forward to getting my mitts on a copy of that.
Fine punk from Boston.

The Spoilers - Superficial
The Spoilers - Enemy

Something I have enjoyed recently is the latest offering from Gatesby. Many a warm summers evening has been spent sat out in the evening sun listening to their Floods & Fires Lp whilst enjoying a nice bottle of red wine.
Try it.

Gatesby - Snakes
Gatesby - It's All My Fault
Gatesby - Grad School

I think the Indie-Mp3 blog recently featured Tales Of Jenny, but just in case you missed that I really must direct you to their website where you can download their fantastic demo.
On the strength of this demo I'd like to see the band play and record more stuff, but apparantly they all live in different parts of the country now so....until someone offers them a deal we'll just have to make do.

Tales Of Jenny - Prague Spring
Tales Of Jenny - Tuesday Girl

Right I'm off now cos it's my birthday and I have an appointment at a bar.

Viral Lode - Hate Pain
Viral Lode - Battery
Teenage Fanclub - It's All In My Mind
Heroes Of Switzerland - Why
The Dudley Corporation - AM
Rashamon - (Forgotten) Sherpa Folk Song

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    greetings from Mexico
    happy birthday mate
    and thanks for all this great music.