Saturday, July 23, 2005

What a week it's been. You know the ones, if it's not one thing it's another. First Nikky breaks the freezer and then one of my hard drives decides it's not going to work anymore, and that was just Monday.
Anyway it's the weekend now so time to relax with some good music and watch the cricket.

This is a track from the second Marbles album "Expo" on Spin Art records. Very catchy

Marbles - Out Of Zone

The Kingdom Flying Club are a band I heard for the first time this week and I think their quite brilliant. Definately the kind of thing to cheer you up after someones broken your freezer and your ice cream's melted.

The Kingdom Flying Club - Artists Are Boring
The Kingdom Flying Club - Cut The Negatives

....and now for something Swedish.

Happydeadmen - Useless
Happydeadmen - The First Picture Of You
Happydeadmen - Tomorrow

There's loads more mp3's avaliable on their site HERE

Gethimeathim release their debut album entitled "Geography Cones" through Absolutely Kosher records on 26th July.

Gethimeathim - Mumble Mumble (from Geography Cones)
Gethimeathim - Not Not Nervous (from the Casual Sex demo)

According to the Alive Records website Boyskout sound like a less accessable Elastica. Obviously not something to make you want to go out and buy their records then.
Give them a chance though because their actually bloody good.

Boyskout - Secrets
Boyskout - Jesse James

Is that a knock I hear on the door.....must be the man with my new freezer.

The Eames Era - Could Be Anything
Mercuro Chrome - Hurts My Eyes
DJ Trauma - Feel For You
Wildeness - Arkless

Thursday, July 14, 2005

It's just occured to me that the tracklisting for the Half Man Half Biscuit stuff on the last update is probably slightly wrong, sorry about that.

Chicago's Coltrain Motion released their new EP "No Well Ok Maybe Just A Little" through Datawaslost back in May and very nice it is too. Here's a track from it.

Coltrain Motion - Pi Is Exactly Three

I can't remember if I've featured The Spoilers before, but they're well worth a listen. Apparantly they've finished their debut album so I'll look forward to getting my mitts on a copy of that.
Fine punk from Boston.

The Spoilers - Superficial
The Spoilers - Enemy

Something I have enjoyed recently is the latest offering from Gatesby. Many a warm summers evening has been spent sat out in the evening sun listening to their Floods & Fires Lp whilst enjoying a nice bottle of red wine.
Try it.

Gatesby - Snakes
Gatesby - It's All My Fault
Gatesby - Grad School

I think the Indie-Mp3 blog recently featured Tales Of Jenny, but just in case you missed that I really must direct you to their website where you can download their fantastic demo.
On the strength of this demo I'd like to see the band play and record more stuff, but apparantly they all live in different parts of the country now so....until someone offers them a deal we'll just have to make do.

Tales Of Jenny - Prague Spring
Tales Of Jenny - Tuesday Girl

Right I'm off now cos it's my birthday and I have an appointment at a bar.

Viral Lode - Hate Pain
Viral Lode - Battery
Teenage Fanclub - It's All In My Mind
Heroes Of Switzerland - Why
The Dudley Corporation - AM
Rashamon - (Forgotten) Sherpa Folk Song

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Lon Sellitto stole my walkman

Last Thursday night I ventured into the Stone Roses Bar in York to sample some local talent.
The night was headlined by the usually outstanding Dust Bowl Central who have been featured in these pages before. On this occasion however they seemed to lack their usual cohesivity but I think it was probably because of soundboard problems or maybe just one of those nights. The real star of the show however was an electronic vandal who goes under the name of "Fish". He played his enthralling set with the help from members of "Futureretro" (who played later and were rather "on the ball" as well).
It's good when you hear someone playing electronic music with passion and originality and clearly enjoy's themselves which surely is what it's all about.

Fish - Beat The Gel
Fish - Tenchi

It's a bit of an electronic overload this time I'm afraid, but there's just so much of it about.
These tracks come from releases on the Highpoint Lowlife label. Go and give them a visit.

Rashamon - (Forgotten) Sherpa Folk Song
The Marcia Blaine School For Girls - Dance Of The Melon Man
The Marcia Blaine School For Girls - Minimal Chic

I have a bit of info regarding the new Fall album as well. Apparantly It's called "Heads Roll" and will be issued towards the end of August through Sanctuary Records offshoot label Slogan. I'm not sure if this applies to the U.S. as well but certainly for Europe. More details to come.

STILL no news on the new half man half biscuit record however, but to tide you over here's the live tracks (recorded at Sheffield Leadmill) which appeared on their 1988 lp "ACD".

Half Man Half Biscuit - ACD Live Tracks. zip

1. Albert Hammond Bootleg
2. Reflections In A Flat
3. Sealclubbing
4. Architecture And Morality, Ted And Alice
5. Fuckin' Ell, It's Fred Titmus
6. Time Flies By (When Your The Driver Of A Train)
7. All I Want For Christmas Is A Dulka Prague Away Kit
8. The Trumpton Riots

Additionally several Peel And Kershaw sessions can be found HERE

...and finally, Vinny's tune of the week:-

The B Plan - Witness Protection

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Armchair Observer

Ok we'll start this one with Tangerine. Apparantly they're working on an EP, apart from that I know nothing, but I do like this track quite a lot.

Tangerine - Ghost Of A Shark

On my way to work yesterday I was listening to new stuff and I came across a couple of tracks from Maria Taylor (who is half of Azure Ray) who released an album entitled 11.11 on Saddle Creek Records in May. I was just drawn into the style of the first track and the second is simply a great pop song.

Maria Taylor - Speak Easy
Maria Taylor - Song Beneath The Song

The Teen Anthems compilation is finally available.
It's basically a compilation of long deleted and impossible to find ltd edition singles.
I think there's a few previously unreleased tracks here as well.
It should be in the shops by the end of July, but in the meantime you can get it from here.

Teen Anthems - What A Girl Wants

The new Fall album is finished and it's called "Heads Roll".
All being well it should be out towards the end of August on Slogan Records (part of the Sanctuary Records group).
All we need now is a new album from Half Man Half Biscuit.