Saturday, June 25, 2005

Record Box 25th June 2005

Architecture In Helsinki - Theme From Motorhome

Here's a couple of tracks by a bunch of Australians who go by the name of Art Of Fighting.
They've been around for a while and released a string of singles and their debut full length "Wires" in 2001. Last year they released their second album "Second Story" which I think is avaliable in the UK through Bella Union.

Art Of Fighting - Give Me Tonight
Art Of Fighting - Reasons Are All I Have Left

More downloads avaliable here

Auto Deluxe - Too Late
Andrew "Blind Boy" Butler - Man Who Drives A Train

As your probably already bored with bands that begin with "A" here's one that begins with "S"

Side A (UK) - Weekend
Side A (UK) - Waster

"Side A" come from my home town of York and make catchy punk tunes to brighten up your day.

You can catch them (if you live near York) at:-

15th July - York, Certificate 18
23rd July - Riccal, Regan Centre

Here's a couple of tracks from a London band called The Long Knives.

The Long Knives - Beautiful Shame
The Long Knives - Her Daddy Wore

If you like this you might want to visit their website HERE where you'll find more MP3's.
Or you could just go and see them at:-

12 July - London, Brixton - The Brixton Telegraph
3rd August - Balham - The Bedford

.....and finally, Vinny's tune of the week.

Neils Children - How Does It Feel Now Your On Your Own