Sunday, June 12, 2005

My Violent Ego

I just stumbled across this band while I was messing around on Music of all places. They sound like some sort of Slowdive/Cocteau hybrid if you know what I mean?....No?..Well just give them a chance, reverb, beautiful haunting vocals and the odd sound which could have been taken directly from Loveless.

This is what Music had to say about them.

Paolo met christy through in late 2000. Paolo is from rome, italy, Christy from edingbourgh, scotland. They never met vis-?-vis for two years. They exchanged music files through internet and mail, her to vocals and violins, him to guitars, guitars, guitars and drumloops, setting up enough songs to self release an ep in 2001 L?tost, a first full length Feel Yr Sleep, and two years later, through an French indie label (Ocean Music) a new album called Carried Along By Fate. Then They met in 2003, for a couple of radio exibithions and gigs, and the year after for a some gigs around Italy.

Here's some tracks from their "Clicks & Hisses"ep.

1. Plam
2. Swoonow
3. Go Bed
4. Come On Sleep
5. Crawling
6. Saint-My Self
7. What If She Leaves
8. Well, She Left
9. Pesky Fly

More tracks are avaliable on their website here.


  1. Anonymous11:15 am

    They remember me of the moon seven times and the cocteau twins. Nice tunes, nice girl, cool guitars. I already knew 'plim' song, linked on

  2. Anonymous7:57 am

    thanks for the links, sound nice and remember of my youth.. oh shit..

  3. Anonymous8:21 pm

    nice music - thanks for the link and info