Saturday, June 25, 2005

Record Box 25th June 2005

Architecture In Helsinki - Theme From Motorhome

Here's a couple of tracks by a bunch of Australians who go by the name of Art Of Fighting.
They've been around for a while and released a string of singles and their debut full length "Wires" in 2001. Last year they released their second album "Second Story" which I think is avaliable in the UK through Bella Union.

Art Of Fighting - Give Me Tonight
Art Of Fighting - Reasons Are All I Have Left

More downloads avaliable here

Auto Deluxe - Too Late
Andrew "Blind Boy" Butler - Man Who Drives A Train

As your probably already bored with bands that begin with "A" here's one that begins with "S"

Side A (UK) - Weekend
Side A (UK) - Waster

"Side A" come from my home town of York and make catchy punk tunes to brighten up your day.

You can catch them (if you live near York) at:-

15th July - York, Certificate 18
23rd July - Riccal, Regan Centre

Here's a couple of tracks from a London band called The Long Knives.

The Long Knives - Beautiful Shame
The Long Knives - Her Daddy Wore

If you like this you might want to visit their website HERE where you'll find more MP3's.
Or you could just go and see them at:-

12 July - London, Brixton - The Brixton Telegraph
3rd August - Balham - The Bedford

.....and finally, Vinny's tune of the week.

Neils Children - How Does It Feel Now Your On Your Own

Saturday, June 18, 2005


I suppose many of you will already be familiar with Editors but as usual no-one tells me anything. Anyway what you need to know is the album is called "The Back Room" and will be in the shops on 25th July through Kitchenware Records. It is definatly one of the best records of the year so far. From the opening track "Lights" and the single "Munich" the standard is high and never drops. You can always tell a good record by the way that you have to listen right until the end and then play it all again just to make sure, which usually results in being late for work and pissing the boss off.
There's a new single as well. "Blood" will be released on 11th July.
Ok here's a couple of tracks from "The Back Room"

Editors - Fall/Someone Says

Official Website
Kitchenware Records

Friday, June 17, 2005

The Family Cat

As I've just posted the second Family Cat Peel Session on The Perfumed Garden I thought it would be good to post the three tracks from their classic "Remember What It Is That You Love" single.
Originally released on Bad Girl records in 1990 it features three tracks:-

1. Remember What It Is That You Love
2. Push Comes To Shove
3. (Thought I'd Died) And Gone To Heaven

The Family Cat - Remember What It Is That You Love EP. zip

Sunday, June 12, 2005

My Violent Ego

I just stumbled across this band while I was messing around on Music of all places. They sound like some sort of Slowdive/Cocteau hybrid if you know what I mean?....No?..Well just give them a chance, reverb, beautiful haunting vocals and the odd sound which could have been taken directly from Loveless.

This is what Music had to say about them.

Paolo met christy through in late 2000. Paolo is from rome, italy, Christy from edingbourgh, scotland. They never met vis-?-vis for two years. They exchanged music files through internet and mail, her to vocals and violins, him to guitars, guitars, guitars and drumloops, setting up enough songs to self release an ep in 2001 L?tost, a first full length Feel Yr Sleep, and two years later, through an French indie label (Ocean Music) a new album called Carried Along By Fate. Then They met in 2003, for a couple of radio exibithions and gigs, and the year after for a some gigs around Italy.

Here's some tracks from their "Clicks & Hisses"ep.

1. Plam
2. Swoonow
3. Go Bed
4. Come On Sleep
5. Crawling
6. Saint-My Self
7. What If She Leaves
8. Well, She Left
9. Pesky Fly

More tracks are avaliable on their website here.