Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Would Be's

As a follow up to The Would Be's session posted on The Perfumed Garden last week I thought I would post their debut EP released on Decoy Records in 1990. They released two EP's of which this was the first. The second EP was entitled "Silly Songs For Cynical People" and was released the following year.
I've heard the band re-formed a couple of years ago, but I can't find any information. If anybody has any more information about that please let me know.

The Would Be's - First EP

Hope this sorts you out Mark.

1. I'm Hardly Ever Wrong
2. Great Expectations
3. I Want To Say What Goes Without Saying
4. There Is There Are That's All


  1. Hi Kris...any chance that you can re-post The Would-Be's expired!!! thanks a million!

  2. trucha10:21 pm

    Mr or Ms JBSolo -
    Did you ever find these tracks? They are wonderful. I will email them to you if your mailbox can receive 3-4 MB files. Specify the "non-John Peel" tracks. Lgoodwin180 at

  3. Anonymous2:35 pm

    any chance these tunes can get reposted? or can if find them somewhere else?