Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Sinking Citizenship....oh and Melys too

Something I probably should have mentioned earlier is that Melys released a new lp last month. I have only just got around to it but it's well up to standard and keeps Melys at the top of the Welsh tree.

The Sinking Citizenship hail from the slightly warmer climate of Melbourne, Austrailia. They released their debut lp over there at the end of last year and very soon (if not already) it'll be released over here through Sweet Nothing/Cargo.
I think they have a limited edition (500 copies) single out through Fantastic Plastic as well.
Anyway, check out the mp3's.

The Sinking Citizenship - Shake
The Sinking Citizenship - The Doomstars

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The B Plan

Ok, I'm not pissing about with this one, I'll come straight to the point.
The B Plan are quite simply the best new band I've heard so far this year.
I don't know a great deal about them but they appear to be just the latest of the ever increasing list of great bands coming out of London at the moment (do I detect a "scene"?).
Well, I suppose that's about all I can tell you. There's a couple of dates coming up:-

May 5th London, Shush @ Ginglik
July 1st London, Borderline

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Boyfriends

I don't know about you but it's so refreshing to hear a band who are just so obviously themselves. No pretentiousness just four lads playing from the heart.
They've already released a split E.P. with The Long Blonds which featured two of their demo's and they've recorded a session for John Kennedy's show on XFM.
Anyway enough of the bollocks at the end of the day they are just a bloody good indie band and the sooner they release some proper records the better.

See them at:-
April 16th Leeds, Brunenell Social Club
10th June Lancaster, Farmers Arms
16th June Bristol, Zanzibar Rooms

The Boyfriends - Once Upon A Time
The Boyfriends - A Fearless Heart

Monday, April 11, 2005


Battle are a London based indie four piece who have recently signed to the wonderful Fierce Panda label.
Their debut single "Isabelle" will be released on April 25th.

Gig Diary

13th April Swindon, Furnace (with The Subways)
14th April Aldershot, West End Centre (with The Subways)
16th April London, Mean Fiddler
19th April London Camden, Dublin Castle