Sunday, March 27, 2005

True Swamp Neglect

Signed to Bournmouth's Superglider label True Swamp Neglect make one hell of a racket!!
Described in some quarters as the British Pavement (not that I ever visit those quarters) they make sounds and songs worthy of anyones bedroom............or living room......if you don't have parents like I had (still have actually but thankfully many miles away from my house) who would frequently shout upstairs "Get that bloody shit off before I put me foot through it". I remember one afternoon sat in my bedroom minding my own business playing The Fall's Peel Session EP and getting about half way through "No Xmas For John Keys" when my dad kicked the door open and stood there with blood vessels bulging out of the side of his extremely red face, looking like he was going to combust at any moment. He tried to shout but such was his rage all he did was splutter and growl something along the lines of "where did we go wrong...uh..aah..GET THIS FUCKIN' FREAK CRAP OFF NOW ......err....umm....there's a good lad, why don't you go outside for a bit." With that he wandered slowly back down the stairs and could be heard muttering "Bloody pornography". I don't know if The Fall have ever been described is pornography before but my dad has a way with words.
Anyway back to the matter in hand. True Swamp Neglect have an album avaliable from Superglider. It's called "Sleep Function Lost" and will set you back a tenner. It will also look very nice on your fireplace so get on.

True Swamp Neglect - The Shield
True Swamp Neglect - Dry Eyed Riot

Something & Nothing

Just a quick one to let you know about a top Wedding Present website.
Something & Nothing is an archive of just about everything to do with The Wedding Present/Cinerama. From press articles to carrier bags, and there's some good downloads too.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Herman Dune

Herman Dune release their new LP "Not On Top" through Track & Field records on April 11th.
This time the Dunes have gone completely mad and recorded the whole thing in mono! but I suppose that's what being Swedish does for you. Not that there's anything wrong with Sweden you understand, but it is bloody cold there. Having said that this record was recorded in Leeds so that's blown that out of the water then!!

They have some UK dates coming up as well and I would well advise you to try to get to see them if you're not too busy.

April 26 London, 100 Club
April 27 BBC, (tbc)
April 28 Bristol, The Cube
April 29 Bristol, The Cube
April 30 Cardiff, University
May 01 Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
May 02 Stockton, Georgian Theatre
May 03 Newcastle, Cumberland Arms
May 04 Manchester, Roadhouse
May 05 Brighton, Komedia
May 06 Norwich, Arts Centre
May 07 Nottingham, Rescue Rooms

Last year Herman Dune recorded a session for VPRO in the Netherlands.
Give it a listen.

1. Show Me The Roof
2. Why Would That Hurt
3. Take Me To Your Little Country House
4. In The City
5. Hardly Lost One Morning
6. Time Of Glory-NYC

Record Box

Here's a selection of the best MP3's for the month of March.

Eluvium - New Animals From The Air
Starflower - You're Not Alone
Psychic Drive - Dead Roses
Low - Monkey
Black Lipstick - Grandma Airplane
The Lucksmiths - The Chapter In Your Life Entitled San Francisco
Lovejoy - Sid Vicious
Sans Trauma - Give In To Win
Sambassadeur - Between The Lines
Kicker - Blue
Starflyer 59 - Good Sons